We are Vito Sputnik, an argentinian tango duo, with a small but strong formation: bandoneon and piano. We are part of a new generation of tango musicians from the city of Rosario, which had its origins in the suburbs of the Orquesta Escuela de Tango. New ensembles, new arrangers and composers, new festivals and milongas, new friends, on the banks of the mighty Paraná River, with its brown waters, its merchant ships and its profile of islands.

Our instrumental repertoire takes up the compositions of the orchestras of the first half of the 20th century, when tango was mixed in the streets, in the lives of the people, and the lyrics still brought some countryside notes. We would like to bring all those sounds back.

Since we came together in 2011, we have performed extensively around Argentina and its neighbouring countries. In 2022 we made our first tour outside the South American continent: we toured pubs and milongas in Ireland and Scotland.


She started dancing tango when she was very young and immediately fell under the spell of the bandoneon. Was it from the breaks and figures of the dance, from its micro movements, that it now makes those minimal notes sound, as if they were little birds, or launches a long, round and blue note, or marks a determined and sharp rhythmic like a knife duel but pressing those randomly distributed buttons?

Agustina received her Degree in Bandoneón from the University of Rosario. Her teachers were Alicia Petronilli and Federico Pereiro, and studied in different workshops with Daniel Binelli, Rodolfo Mederos, Pablo Agri, in between others teachers. She was part of the Orquesta Escuela de Tango, Quinteto Gabriel de Pedro, Duelo Criollo, and Bajomundo, to name a few. Agustina was invited to represent the Rosario National University in Morocco. In 2020 she released her solo album I bhfad ar shiúl, with songs of her own. She is now based in Galway, Ireland. 


He began to play music on his grandmother’s piano and listened to his mother play throughout his childhood at home. Does he still remember the sonorities of those old polychrome and yellowish scores, tangos, milongas, zambas, paso doble, that were stacked over the piano?

Ernesto studied classical piano with Adrián Pistono and Victor Cortés. He was part of the Carlos Quilici Typical Orchestra and, as an accordeon player, was part of the duo Billy Pilgrim. He currently plays in the instrumental ensemble La doble trampa mortal. He is a Literature teacher and dedicates part of his time to books. He was born in Carcarañá, a little village in Argentina, but has been based in Rosario for many years.